Paul Walde Artist Statement

Paul Walde

Artist Statement

Through my work I explore interconnections between landscape, identity, and technology through the amplification of cultural gestures in order to reveal their place within nature and conversely, by capturing natural events through cultural apparatus. These ideas are developed through a diverse studio practice which has led to examining sound as a physical property and medium.

I consider the Canadian landscape part of our cultural heritage. Climate change not only threatens to endanger our well being, but our culture and way of life. Many of my works imagine the consequences of a warmer climate, one without permafrost, glaciers, snow, or temporary cultural artifacts such as snowballs.


Paul Walde is an intermedia artist, musician, and curator. Walde’s wide-ranging body of work suggests unexpected interconnections between landscape, identity, and technology and includes painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, installation and audio. Recently his work was seen at The Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria and at Museum London in London, Ontario (2012). Walde is currently an Associate Professor of Visual Arts at the University of Victoria in Victoria, BC. For more information please see:

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